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Games for life






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finally someone put up the whole thing, tragically beautiful

I know someone will ask, so this is from the movie Watchmen. The entire movie has nothing to do with this scene, really, considering it’s about heroes. But it is a beautiful opener. 

If you think Watchmen had nothing to do with this scene ‘because it’s about heroes’ then you totally missed the point of the movie.

the point is nobody in watchmen is actually a “hero” and there are no villans either every character is based on a concept such as Rorschach is a character that only believes in absolutes there is only right and wrong and he takes this attitude to law such as you follow the law or break it if you break it you deserve to die but he himself breaks the law and remains above it all which is why when he discovers the serial killer that fed a little girl he killed to his dogs he butchers the dogs after killing the killer.

the comedian is a total nihilist and not only stopped believing in everything he also does not value human life in the slightest and kills, drinks and fucks everything he touches until he realises how fucked he is and how fucked his world is.

Doctor Manhattan looks upon the world and can only see a broken humanity and a constant cycle of abuse and wont help them because he could never stop helping them if he did and no matter what has to watch humanity destroy itself.

those are just a few characters out of the whole bunch but they are all like that (i could be slightly wrong about it) but yeah that’s the point nobody in that film is a hero or a villain or at least in any direct way.